Hello and Welcome to my Fantasy Jewelry World where you will find unique piece of handmade jewelry.
All my jewelry is made with love and I am putting a piece of my Soul to every piece.Here you can find many different pieces,DARK,ROMANTIC,WITCH,BOHO,ELEGANT,RUSTICAL AND ANCIENT STYLE  and New ENGRAVED JEWELRY.You can choose HERE.

All jewelry is made of  molten Pewter with silver (Sn/Ag) and 925 Sterling Silver ; all pieces are brushed up, floated down, patinated .All pendant or necklace is with leather cord or chain.(If you want shorter or a bit longer chain just let me know.)When you wish I can add or remove small objects on pendants/ring.

,, When you purchase from a creative person, you’re buying more than just painting, song or novel. You are buying hundreds of thousands of hours of experimentation and failure. You are buying days, weeks, months, years of frustration and moments of love, success and pleasure. You don’t’ purchase only thing you’re buying a piece of hearts, part of the soul, a private moment in someone’s life. You buy time of creative person that has inserted it into something truly what he believes and loves, something that was really behind the fear and doubt in his life, something life changing to something alive. ”

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100% Handmade and 100% natural