What is a Chakra?

Chakra’s an Explanation


This is an introduction to chakra healing.

After reading this you will have a basic understanding of Chakras and the Aura and be ready to start healing your Chakras for improved health and wellbeing.The word chakra means wheel of light in the language of Sanskrit, The chakras are the body’s internal energy centres, and are aligned vertically near the spine. Energy enters the body through the head (heaven) and the base (earth). The seven chakras are vortex points where these forces mingle, with each producing a distinctive energy pattern. The purpose of these chakras is to absorb, transform and distribute the body’s internal energy, known by terms such as prana, life force or chi. Specific organs and body parts are associated with each chakra, as well as corresponding behavioural, emotional and personality patterns. It is important to note that the chakras are in constant interplay, and cannot really be separated.The seven chakras are connected with physical, mental, and emotional development and health. In a healthy person, all the chakras are balanced and energy flows freely and naturally through them. Energy can sometimes flow too strongly or too weakly, or be blocked entirely. If this happens in one or more of the chakras, there will be a corresponding distortion or disharmony which affects patterns of health.

There are many ways to heal your chakras, some of which I am going to discuss in later sections; but the most common ways are with Yoga Postures, Essential Oils, Crystals, Meditation and Mantras.


Human beings are not just the physical body. You have seven bodies, one physical and six non physical. These six unseen bodies are known as energy bodies or your auras.
The six non physical bodies aren’t separate from the physical body, they are all interconnected with each other. The health of any of these bodies contributes toward the overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of a person.These energy bodies are affected by all aspects of your lifestyle. The energy that feeds them comes from outside and inside. Everything in your life influences these bodies. The health of these energy bodies depends on the amount and quality of prana or chi flowing through them.
Physical Body – this is the body that you live in, it is the densest of the bodies. It is linked to the Base Chakra.
Etheric Body – this is the blueprint for your physical body. The etheric body is made up of vibrating energy. It underlies the physical. It is linked to the Sacral Chakra.
Astral Body – this is where your emotions reside. It is formed of different colours that are constantly changing according to how you are feeling at any given moment. Your emotional experiences are stored in the astral body. It is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra.
Mental Body – there are two parts to the mental body, the lower and the higher. The lower mental body is linked to the solar plexus chakra, while the higher mental body is linked to the heart chakra.The lower mental body is where you do your everyday thinking. It is the mind that you use to reason, to form mental arguments, to create thought forms and to memorise things. The lower mental body forms part of your personality. If you are always thinking negative thoughts then eventually those thoughts can permeate through into the physical body. Therefore changing your negative thought patterns can often change your health for the better.As you develop spiritually you raise your consciousness and it is through the higher mind that you are able to contact the One Mind. That’s the mind that contains all information. When you contact the higher mind through meditation you could find that there are moments when knowledge flows to you. This is because you have opened your higher mental body and dipped into the vast library of knowledge. The higher mental body is spiritual in aspect.
Spiritual Body – is the essence of you and contains all the qualities, talents and spiritual attainments you have developed over your many lives. It links you to the collective consciousness of the planet and your soul group. It is linked to the heart and throat chakras; it forms part of your Higher Self. This contains memories of all the lives you have lived and all that you have learned and experienced in those lives. It even knows about all future life personalities because it can function beyond time and space.

Soul Body – this holds the part of you that is of God. It is linked to the third eye chakra. This body enables you to receive insights and intuition. When the soul body is functioning at its best, your spiritual purpose becomes clear. You will then be able to use your physical body to manifest your spiritual purpose on earth.

Nirvanic Body – this is your Divine body, which is sometimes referred to as your light body. It has no boundaries. It links sot the crown chakra. When your crown chakra is open and balanced then your light body will be fully operational. This can’t happen until all your other chakras have been brought into balance. This happens when the chi energy flows through your system.


Every person possesses an energy field that surrounds the physical body, which is known as an aura. It is formed of coloured light. The brilliance, shade and size of the aura varies according to the state of your chakras.

Between the base of your spine and the top of your head, there are seven (7) major chakras. An energy blockage in any of your chakras can cause you to suffer from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments.

Physical illness is often the result of psychological challenges. Your mental, emotional and physical health must all be in perfect balance (homeostasis) to function at their peak performance. The chakras work to create and preserve that balance.

Knowing how to maintain the balance within your chakras and how you are affected by them is vital. If the chakras are in proper alignment many ailments can be overcome or effectively managed.


Complementary and analogous colours and the chakras. The chakras aren’t centred in only one spot on or in the body. While the specific colours of  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet have long been associated with the seven traditional chakras. There is still debate on the actual colours relating to each chakra, as each physical body has a slight variation in frequency; so the resonance of the colour and the crystals associated with that colour will affect each person in subtle different ways.
Therefore you may find that a complementary or an analogous colour is more useful for you.Colours that are opposite each other on the color wheel are considered to be complementary colors (example: red and green).Analogous color schemes use colours that are next to each other on the color wheel. (example: yellow/green, green, and green/blue.If you wish to brighten the solar plexus chakra you could use amber and amethyst.
​If you wish to strengthen the solar plexus chakra you could use carnelian, amber and peridot.


The earth star chakra is not a part of your physical body like the other seven chakras. It’s actually located about 30 cm below your feet, and makes up part of your etheric body. It connects directly to the core of the earth and to Gaia.

The earth star chakra is a little different from the base chakra in a few ways:

  • It is the grounding point for your entire chakra system and etheric body.
  • It connects you to not only the earth but the whole of humanity as well.
  • It is believed to connect your past lives with your current life.

You need to balance this chakra if you spend your time in a high tech environment, computers, mobile phones, television etc, the electromagnetic emissions from these devices adversely affect your ability to maintain a connection with the Earth and therefore keep you grounded on this plane of existence.

Some benefits from connecting consciously with the Earth Star chakra include:

  • A greater awareness of nature and a stronger connection to mother earth.
  • Intuitively know how to help heal the earth.
  • A strong feeling of being grounded and safe.
  • A healthier base chakra.
  • Easily dispel negative energy you may pick up throughout your day.

The earth star chakra is especially great for healers.
Because this chakra is connected to the energy of the earth you can easily pull energy from this chakra on days you need a boost.

The Earth star chakra is associated with the colours dark brown and black. It is associated with the feet, it anchors and aligns all the chakras.

Some well known crystals for the Earth Star Chakra
Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Magnetite, Black Obsidian, Chrysanthemum Stone.


Similar to the earth star chakra, The soul star chakra is outside of your physical body and located in your etheric body approximately 15 cm above your head. It is within your auric field and is connected to your other chakras.

Have you ever experienced feelings of deja vu, see things in your minds eye that seem familiar, if you have, you may have unknowingly connected with your soul star chakra. Your soul star chakra the seat of your soul, even though it’s located above your head. It gets its name is due to its direct connection to your higher self, the Akashic Records, your karmic past, and your past lives. The soul star chakra carries all of the information for your soul’s past and present purpose for being here.

Generally, this information about your soul isn’t readily available to you in your earthly body unless you accidentally stumbled upon it or inadvertently open your soul star chakra. All of this information is there, present within your energetic body, and can be tapped into with practice.

Activating this chakra will act as a potent chakra balancing tool. Because your soul star chakra is connected to your higher self it is also connected to the light of the universe. This powerful energy can keep your crown chakra open and healthy along with all of your other chakras.

Some benefits of consciously connecting with the Soul Star Chakra include:

  • Tapping into your karmic past, past lives, or the Akashic Records.
  • A better understanding of your fears and challenges in this current lifetime.
  • An understanding and acceptance of the relationships and people in your life.

Learning how to engage with information about your past lives, karma past and the Akashic Records can be powerful and life-changing. It could also be upsetting and shocking if you’re not ready for it. An added benefit of connecting with this chakra is that it will help support and enhance your psychic abilities.

As your soul star chakra links directly to your crown chakra it’s important to ensure that your crown chakra is healthy and balanced. If your crown chakra is blocked you may have a difficult time accessing your soul star chakra.

The soul star chakra is associated with the colours rainbow, white, magenta or clear.

Some well known crystals for the Soul Star Chakra
Selenite, Herkimer Diamond, Angel Aura Quartz, Red Tourmaline, Star Sapphire, Lemurian Seed Crystal, Sugilite, Kyanite, Phenakite, Clear Quartz and Lithium Quartz


The first chakra is the root or base Chakra which enables you to feel safe, grounded and responsible. If it becomes out of balance, you might feel insecure or anxious. On a physical level, your legs, colon, sexual organs or hips may be affected. Symptoms can include muscle cramps, pain in the legs and feet, decreased libido and lower back pain.
The glands affected by the base chakra are the adrenals.
One driver of the base chakra is the need for security, to provide for yourself and your family. This chakra begins the Kundalini line up the spine.The base chakra rules the bowels, anus, legs, feet, coccyx, lower back, perineum, colon, urethra tubes and bladder, the hips, the male sex organs.Physical problems could include infections of the urinary tract, poor bones, stiff or painful lower back, sciatica, hip issues, problems with the lower digestive tract, hemorrhoids and inflammatory bowel disease, skin problems, lack of Energy. You also could present with obesity, anorexia, or constipation.This chakra is about survival. The need to feel safe, stable and secure. When your base chakra is healthy your life is meaningful, brings you inner contentment, you respect and understand the needs of your physical body. You are more organised, you bring abundance into your life, you manage your money well, you bring in higher levels of energy so that you are able to meet and overcome life’s challenges.The base chakra is associated with the colour red and its Sanskrit name is Muladhara. Its symbol is represented by a lotus with four petals.Groups are your earliest influences; that includes family, religion, school, ethnicity, politics and geographic location. You are feeling the energy of the base chakra when you are proud to be a part of these things. If you feel that you don’t fit within your particular group, this could mean that your base chakra is out of balance.Red, black and brown stones help stimulate the base chakra. They can be used to improve fertility and your sex drive, ease menstrual problems and blood disorders. These stones with help you feel connected with the primal forces of the earth and increase courage.

Some well known crystals for the Base Chakra
Ruby, Garnet, Hematite, Red Jasper, Jet, Obsidian, Red Tourmaline, Mahogany Obsidian, Shiva Lingam, Bronzite, Smoky Quartz


The second chakra is the navel or sacral chakra which controls confidence and the ability to engage in relationships and related to other people. If your sacral chakra becomes out of balance you may feel fearful, apathetic and distrusting of others. You may also struggle to form long term relationships, become sexually absorbed or manipulative. The sacral chakra is responsible for the large intestines, reproductive organs, bladder and kidneys. An imbalance can show as constant urination, lower back pain, impotence, cysts and infertility.

The glands associated with this chakra are the ovaries and gonads.

The sacral chakra is associated with the colour orange and its sanskrit name is swadhisthana. Its symbol is represented by a lotus with six petals.

The need to control yourself and your environment rises in this chakra. The sacral chakra deals the duality that is in all of us; male/female, yin/yang, positive/negative etc. If you focusing entirely on monetary wealth rather than on the abundance in your life, this indicates that there are issues with your second chakra. Are you giving your personal power over to others then your sacral chakra has been compromised.
The sacral chakra is located in the sacrum, genitals, from the lower abdomen to the naval. It oversees the womb, genitals, kidneys, bladder, hip area, the lymphatic system, all the body fluids, lower back and the gonads.

Some signs of a malfunctioning sacral chakra are sexual and reproductive problems, urinary tract troubles, weak bladder or kidneys, ovarian cysts, menstrual problems, prostate problems, allergies, appendicitis, sexual dysfunction, loss of appetite, pelvic and lower back pain.

If the sacral chakra isn’t functioning well you are likely to take the blame or feel guilt for things that aren’t your responsibility, feel shy, timid, withdrawn and overly sensitive. You could also feel a loss of control, unreasonable fears relating to addiction, rape, betrayal, financial loss or abandonment are triggered in the sacral chakra.

The strengths offered by an active sacral chakra are an ability to take risks, resilience in the face of loss, personal decision making, the ability to protect and survive even thrive on your own. It is the site of clairsentience.

Orange stones stimulate the sacral chakra which governs the genitalia, womb, and sacrum. These stones can help to increase energy, dispel inhibitions and repression, and ease kidney trouble. Carry your orange stones in your pocket, on a belt or in a navel piercing.

Some well known crystals for the Sacral Chakra
Carnelian, Fire Opal, Orange Calcite, Coral, Yellow Zircon, Gold Tiger Eye, Orange  and Yellow Jasper, Citrine.


 The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra. It works to maintain health in your gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine diaphragm, spleen, the middle back (around your waist), the sympathetic nervous system and liver. It also balances impulses, anger, passion and ego. Rash or irate behaviour, addictions and emotional instability are signs that your solar plexus chakra is blocked and out of balance.
Some symptoms can include indigestion, intestinal problems, liver disorders, food allergies, stomach ulcers, gallstones, hypoglycaemia, muscle stiffness, arthritis and diabetes. If you have a major imbalance in this chakra you might develop Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as a way of keeping control of your world and everything within.The gland associated with this chakra is the pancreas.The solar plexus chakra is associated with the colour yellow. Its sanskrit name is manipura, and is symbolised by the ten petaled lotus.This chakra deals with issues relating to personal power and self esteem. How you deal with rejection or criticism, is related to self understanding and self acceptance. If you don’t really like, understand or accept yourself then you are giving your personal power over to others to manipulate. The solar plexus chakra needs assistance if you are you finding yourself continually in destructive physical, emotional, psychological  and abusive personal or professional relationships because you believe that you don’t deserve anything better or that no one else would want you. An out of balance solar plexus chakra affects your digestive system, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and adrenals. Are you suffering from chronic fatigue and high blood pressure. Do you have issues with trusting yourself and others.This chakra when healthy encourages self-respect and having healthy boundaries. You will enjoy taking on new challenges and you won’t be afraid to express your feelings and emotions. It enhances your intuition when you are connected to a healthy solar plexus chakra.Yellow stones stimulate the solar plexus chakra. They will help with digestion, ease food allergies, liver problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and muscle cramps. Yellow stones also help increase your self esteem. Place the stone on your solar plexus; lie still and calm your mind as the energy of the stone soothes and heals.

Some well known crystals for the Solar Plexus Chakra
Citrine, Honey Calcite, Yellow Jasper, Amber, Yellow Topaz, Apatite, Yellow Agate, Gold Tiger Eye, Yellow Opal, Golden Beryl.


The fourth chakra is the heart chakra which both physically and metaphorically is responsible for your heart as well as your lungs, upper back and circulation. It works to maintain the health of your immune system, the blood, bronchial tubes, shoulders and arms, diaphragm, the skin, upper back, ribs and breasts. It affects heart function as well as any love in your life. This chakra connects your body, mind and spirit. If the heart chakra is out of balance some symptoms could include heart problems, asthma, insomnia, back pain, pain in the upper arm, sore shoulders, some cancers and high blood pressure. Also speech impediments, allergies, circulation problems, breast and lung cancer.

The gland associated with this chakra is the thymus.

The heart chakra is associated with the colours green and pink. Its sanskrit name is anahata, and is symbolised by a 12 petaled lotus.

This chakra deals with emotions and emotional development and is an energetic bridge between the lower three and upper three chakras. It is also a central powerhouse for matters of the heart, which include jealousy, envy, hope, love and abandonment. When you are capable of wholeheartedly loving yourself you can enter into a healthy relationship with yourself and others because you aren’t using old wounds to get love for your inner child.

Malfunction of the heart chakra can present as a fear of loneliness, commitment or betrayal which can lead to jealousy, bitterness and anger. Opening this chakra offers forgiveness, compassion, dedication, hope and trust.

Green and Pink stones balance the heart chakra, which will assist in easing heart and chest conditions. These stones also treat emotional difficulties such as stress, anger and sadness. Green and pink stones promote compassion and understanding.

Some well known crystals for the Heart Chakra
Emerald, Green Aventurine, Malachite, Jade, Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline, Amazonite, Pink Opal, Green Tourmaline, Chrysoprase, Peridot, Rhodochrosite.


The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, responsible for your mouth, ears, throat neck, teeth, jaw, shoulders, arms, nose and thyroid.
You may become unable to express emotions, anger in particular. Other mental symptoms could include decreased confidence, depression, confusion, insecurity and shyness. You might become afflicted with ear infections, gum disease, sore throat, tonsillitis, laryngitis, mouth ulcers, irritating coughs, swollen glands, headaches, migraine, teeth grinding, neck pain,  hyperthyroidism and other ailments.The glands associated with this chakra are the thyroid and parathyroid.The throat chakra is associated with the colour blue. Its sanskrit name is vissudha, and its symbol is a 16 petaled lotus. This chakra is the area of choice and will. Every choice that you make has consequences, sometimes they are instant and then you understand the power of choice. When you respond with the trite phrase “it’s not my fault or I didn’t mean to” you are absolving yourself of any responsibility for your actions, this is a sign of a blocked throat chakra. This energy centre is the bridge that helps you reconcile your logic centre and your emotions. It is the area of speech and self expression. The throat chakra controls the throat, mouth, neck, ears the thyroid and parathyroid glands.Emotional signs of an out of balance throat chakra can include strength of will, addiction, judgemental, critical, lack of faith and a limited capacity to make decisions. A blocked throat chakra can trigger fears related to having no power to make a choice, being out of control and a fear of the Divine Will. A balanced throat chakra offers faith, self knowledge, an ability to keep your word and clairaudience.Blue stones stimulate the throat chakra to ease ear, nose and throat conditions. They also help with  glandular problems, teeth and gum diseases and conditions affecting the alimentary canal, improving communication and speaking your truth.

Some well known crystals for the Throat Chakra
Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Turquoise, Sodalite, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Aventurine, Blue Topaz, Larimar, Angelite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Opal, Blue Sapphire, Blue Tourmaline, Blue Quartz


The sixth chakra is the third eye or brow chakra which controls intuition or your ability to see beyond the obvious. It is responsible for your face, brain and eyes. With a blocked third eye chakra you my feel negativity toward others and selfishness. On a physical level symptoms could include migraine, headache, sinus problems, ear infections, issues with the lymphatic and endocrine systems, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, nightmares, brain tumours, neurological disturbances, seizures, jaw pain, blurred vision, glaucoma and cancer.

The glands associated with this chara are the pineal and pituitary

The third eye chakra is associated with the colour indigo and its sanskrit name is ajna. Its symbol is represented by a two petaled lotus.

The third eye chakra controls the realm of second sight, also known as clairvoyance, It’s where you discern truth, gain wisdom and refine your intuition. When you are able to see the “big picture” you are using this chakra. This energy centre is where you begin to see life symbolically and archetypally and therefore you are able to detach yourself from your everyday life. This detachment enables you to see the truth of a matter and to realise that there are bigger issues at hand. When you can assess your life more impersonally, you can then make more conscious and clear headed life choices. This energy centre is where you will find that you tend to be judgemental and make excuses for your negative thought patterns and behaviours.

Emotionally with an out of balance third eye you wouldn’t be able to see or speak the truth, be honest in self evaluation, feel adequate, embrace the ideas of others or learn from others. With an active balanced third eye chakra your intellectual abilities and skills will increase, you will be more creative, participate in intuitive reasoning and enhance your clairvoyance abilities. With a well balanced third eye chakra you may experience telepathy, visions, precognition and other psychic phenomena.

Purple, violet or dark blue stimulate the third eye chakra, easing pain, agitation and stress. These stones will boost concentration, mental awareness and clairvoyance prophetic visions, lucid dreaming, reduce sinus difficulties and headaches.

Some well known crystals for the Third Eye Chakra
Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Blue Sapphire, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Fluorite, Kunzite, Sugilite, Labradorite, Tanzanite, Covellite, Azurite, Iolite, Herkimer Diamond.


The seventh chakra is the crown chakra. It provides insight and wisdom. It is because of this chakra that you are aware of the world and your place in it. If your crown chakra becomes imbalanced, you may feel neurotic, fearful, frustrated, or even psychotic. Your general wellbeing can be affected and you might feel extremely sad, lost or depressed.

It is responsible for the muscular and skeletal system, skin, central nervous system, the brain and the circulatory system. It also balances cerebral cortex and the pituitary gland. On a physical level, symptoms could include epilepsy, headaches and migraines, hysteria, stress related disorders, psychosis, nervous tension, sleep disorders, coma, brain tumours, short-term memory loss, chronic exhaustion (ME), oversensitivity to outside stimuli and depression.

The gland associated with this chakra is the pineal.

The crown chakra is associated with the colour violet. Its sanskrit name is sahasrana, and its symbol is a 1,000 petal lotus. This chakra is your connection to the Divine; where you will receive power from heaven. This is also the realm of prayer and grace. The crown chakra governs mystical experiences, transcendent thought and inspiration and accessing the power of living in the Now. When you feel connected to the Divine, you are tuning into the crown chakras energy. This energy area also prompts you to ask questions about your life purpose, the meaning of life and God.

An out of balance crown chakra can present as depression, alienation and confusion. You might also feel an inability to trust life, have a lack of faith, inspiration, spirituality or devotion. You may also feel as though you life lacks joy, prone to apathy and cynical of other people’s belief systems.

An active crown energy centre will offer faith in the Divine and and unshakable trust in God, life and your inner guidance. claircognisance.

White, clear and purple crystals stimulate the crown chakra to increase a general sense of wellbeing. They can improve self esteem and help to dispel mental anguish.

Some well known crystals for the Crown Chakra
Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Diamond, Zircon, Danburite, Sugilite, Purple Jade, Charoite, Lepidolite, Sapphire, Selenite.

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